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tridge at tridge at
Tue Oct 18 03:03:13 GMT 2005


 > The problem is not so much in that pidl can't support "simple"
 > null-terminated utf8 strings, but more in the fact that it is not
 > possible to use it in other IDL compilers (such as MIDL or WIDL).
 > Please let me know which of the two you prefer, and I'll fix it.

I'd prefer to keep the old format. We have to support strings like
that anyway for things like nbt.idl where the on-wire string format is
dictated by an external standard. I put xattr.idl in the same category
- its written as IDL to allow us to reuse the nice IDL infrastructure
we have, not because we want it to work with other IDL compilers.

I suspect if/when wine supports our xattr format they will use a
hand-marshaller not widl, as their IDL/NDR infrastructure is at the
wrong level to use it for filesystem extensions (or at least thats the
impression I got at the wine conference earlier this year).

Cheers, Tridge

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