libsmbclient dfs changes

derrell at derrell at
Mon Oct 17 17:21:21 GMT 2005

"Gerald (Jerry) Carter" <jerry at> writes:

> derrell at wrote:
>> 1. Currently, the code issues a cli_resolve_path() call for each
>> smbc_open_ctx(), smbc_read_ctx(), smbc_write_ctx() and smbc_close_ctx().
>> Unless the path can resolve to a different location each time, and we want
>> to follow the location even with an open connection that we're reading from
>> or writing to (unlikely), we should be able to resolve the path once at
>> smbc_open_ctx() time and use the resolved path for all further accesses to
>> the file with the now-open file descriptor.
> True.

That's the one I'm most concerned with, since it affects every read and write

> I don't think that any of this is reason to hold the 3.0.21pre1
> release though.  Do you?

Stand by.  I'm going to write a test program to try to determine what the
impact is in non-DFS environments.  If it's minimal, then I'd say go ahead
with the pre-release.  I'll get back to you in a few hours.


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