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Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Mon Oct 17 08:20:06 GMT 2005

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Hi Tridge,

tridge at wrote:

> Jelmer,
>> This breaks xattr binary compatibility with previous versions -
>> is that a problem?
> I'd prefer not to break compatibility unless its really necessary.
> Can we really not support a simple null terminated utf8 string now?
> The reason I deliberately chose the old format is that it is
> particularly simple to hand marshall. The xattr.idl is written as
> IDL for us, but I am hoping other projects (wine, the kernel etc)
> will support our xattr format. Keeping the format really easy to
> hand marshall makes it easier for those projects to not use an IDL
> compiler if they don't want to.
> It it impossible to support a simple null terminated utf8 string
> with the new [string] approach?

The problem is not so much in that pidl can't support "simple"
null-terminated utf8 strings, but more in the fact that it is not
possible to use it in other IDL compilers (such as MIDL or WIDL).
Please let me know which of the two you prefer, and I'll fix it.


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