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tridge at wrote:
| Since then the web management interface has stalled while Deryck and I
| work out some details with the javascript widget set we are using
| (Deryck can perhaps provide more details on that discussion).

The problem with qooxdoo, at least for our purposes, is that it doesn't
play well with other Javascript or CSS.  If you build an app with qooxdoo,
everything on the page has to pass through a QxWidget and cross-browser
style fixes are virtually impossible using the
QxWidget.set(CSS_SELECTOR=VALUE) construction.  The other JS toolkits I've
looked at do the same type of thing.

What I'd like is a JS library that abstracts out all the cross-browser
event handling, DOM manipulation, and XMLHttpRequest stuff but leaves style
control (as much as is possible) to the stylesheet.  I've not found a
library that does this, so our next step looks to be building our own JS
lib, with bits borrowed where available.

So if you know of any good JS lib, please point it out.  Cheers,

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