PATCH - Joining a domain with samba4 when the user exists

Brad Henry j0j0 at
Sun Oct 16 00:18:59 GMT 2005

Brad Henry wrote:

> Hello, this patch is intended to resolve the problem Volker 
> encountered regarding domain joins in Samba 4. The problem occurred 
> when the machine account existed prior to calling 'net join' (the 
> command would return without indication that the join didn't succeed).
> The change to libnet_join.c and libnet_join.h makes it return the 
> machine account type in the libnet_Join and libnet_JoinDomain data 
> structures.
> If the machine account currently exists, net_join.c now reports that 
> condition,  the machine account type, and a return code of -1.
> Thanks Volker, and sorry for the troubles,
> Brad
Here is patch attempt #2.
I didn't see r11094 before I submitted this patch, and there was a 
conflicting change. So this new patch applies against r11094.


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