BUG: default profile failure in 3.0.20 [was: Regression in 3.0.20 wrt netlogon and profiles ?]

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Oct 13 19:03:39 GMT 2005

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Jörn Nettingsmeier wrote:

| win2k clients, samba 3.0.20 pdc.
| a new user, who has never logged on, does so for the
| first time. the domain uses roaming profiles, and the
| netlogon share provides a custom Default User dir
| as well as an NTConfig.POL.
| problem:
| the default profile and policy are not downloaded
| successfully from the  server. instead the user gets
| a local profile, missing all our folder redirections.
| the userenv.log on the client reports this error:
| USERENV(bc.a4) 12:46:47:804 MyRegLoadKey:  Failed
| to load subkey
| <S-1-5-21-1503970882-379070074-3014308087-3158>, error =87
| USERENV(bc.a4) 12:46:47:804 MyRegLoadKey: Mutex released.
| Returning 87. USERENV(bc.a4) 12:46:47:804 IssueDefaultProfile:
| MyRegLoadKey failed with error 87
| "net helpmsg 87" says "Falscher Parameter." (on my
| german windows) which translates to "illegal parameter"
| in english.
| the problem was clearly introduced in 3.0.20. i just
| reverted to 3.0.16a, and it disappeared.

Assuming you mean 3.0.14a here.

| an interesting datapoint is that the failure is specific to win2k
| clients. i tried using an xp client, and it does pull a default profile
| correctly even from 3.0.20. it seems some backwards-compatibility cruft
| was omitted...
| this is a somewhat urgent issue to me, and i would appreciate a quick
| ACK from some knowledgeable people or (if it's my fault) a hint as to
| what mistakes i'm making. i have not yet entered this into the bug
| tracker, as i would like some sort of comment first. maybe you can
| suggest further relevant data that i should include?

Excellent bug report.  This sounds very similar to the
mandatory profiles but I spent a day tracking down
prior to the 3.0.20 release.  I'm trying to remember the
exact nature of it.  Do you by chance 'store dos attributes = yes'
set in smb.conf either globally for for the [netlogon] share?

When you view the properties of the NTUSER.DAT file in the
default user profile on the server, is the readonly attribute

| for those who are interested, here are two userenv.log excerpts that
| illustrate the problem:
| http://pol-serv1.uni-duisburg.de/~nettings/userenv.log-3.0.16a-success.txt
| http://pol-serv1.uni-duisburg.de/~nettings/userenv.log-3.0.20-failure.txt
| one "specialty" of our setup is the fact that the profiles
| folder is *not* 777 (btw, i can't understand how this is
| recommended practice - to me it's just abysmal security).
| instead, a %USERNAME% sub-dir with appropriate permissions
| is added when a new account is created. this explains why
| the client initially thinks it has found a profile (it checks
| for the existence of a %USERNAME% sub-directory), but it
| is empty. but this should not make a difference, since when
| it tries to stat NTUSER.DAT, the client realizes it has to
| create a new profile from the default.

This should nto be a problem.  It's similar to how I run
my setup as well.

cheers, jerry
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