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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Thu Oct 13 12:29:23 GMT 2005

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Chris Nicholls wrote:

| I was able to look over the rpc_client code in trunk and
| come up with a plan for getting libmsrpc to work with it.
| What i plan to do is create a macro GET_PIPE() which will
| be used like:
| struct rpc_pipe_client *pipe;
| pipe = GET_PIPE(hnd, PI_*); /*hnd is the CacServerHandle*/
| if(!pipe) ...
| The macro will first check the internal server handle
| members to make  sure there is an open session on the pipe,
| and if there is, go through  the linked list in the struct
| cli_state to get a reference to the struct rpc_pipe_client.
| Every function will use the macro to get it's reference,
| so this should help with any future changes as well, all we
| need to do is update the macro to reflect the change.
| After that i need to change the cli_nt_session_open() calls to the new
| call.

Sounds workable.  It will be easier for me to look at code though.

| Should I commit my changes into trunk? do I even have
| access to commit to trunk? I was able to checkout, hopefully
| I got the path right, i used
| svn+ssh://

The best thing is probably what metze suggested and use
the svnanon server.  Then post a URL to the patch on this list
for review.  Then we'll worry about how to get things into
the tree.

cheers, jerry

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