patch for user rename with tdbsam

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Mon Oct 10 20:18:02 GMT 2005

>+               if (!oldname->methods){
>+                               pdb_selected = context->pdb_methods;
>+                               /* There's no passdb backend specified 
for this account.
>+                                * Try to delete it in every passdb 
>+                                * Needed to delete accounts in smbpasswd 
that are not
>+                                * in /etc/passwd.
>+                                */
>Is that really necessary? I'd say screw those situations.
Probably not...

>In particular with tdbsam, this *cries* for tridge's new tdb transaction
>code. I'd say this is a real reason to import it.
>Start a transaction, do all the tdb stuff, try the posix script, and roll 
>if that fails.
Guess I should pay more attention to the samba4 commits :-/, as this is 
exactly what I was thinking would be useful here.

Have you looked at it?  Just wondering how much work it would be.

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