[PATCH] Autogenerated DFS parser

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Sun Oct 9 11:27:13 GMT 2005

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Jeremy Allison wrote:

> On Sun, Oct 09, 2005 at 01:13:33AM +0200, Jelmer Vernooij wrote:
>> The result of my attempt in the past week to autogenerate the DFS
>> RPC parser in Samba3 is now up at
>> http://samba.org/~jelmer/dfs_pidl.diff. This patch changes the
>> following files:
>> Autogenerated by pidl: rpc_client/cli_dfs.c rpc_server/srv_dfs.c
>> rpc_parse/parse_dfs.c include/rpc_dfs.h
>> Adapted (mostly name changes) to the new interface:
>> rpc_server/srv_dfs_nt.c rpcclient/cmd_dfs.c configure.in
>> Please comment on the autogenerated code as well as the adapted
>> client/server code. I've done basic testing with rpcclient and
>> both client and server seem to work, but all additional testing
>> is welcome.
>> Jeremy, Jerry, Volker: If you think this code is ready for
>> trunk/, please let me know.
> Just a quick note after looking over the code briefly - looks very
> good to me. The only problem I can see is that you've done too much
> work :-).

The main reason for updating rpc_client/ and rpc_server/ to the newer
interface was the fact that I needed to have something to test with.
It did indeed help me to solve several bugs in the generated code.

> If I were you I'd concentrate on getting the Samba3 style RPC
> parsing and auto-generated stuff working, and leave the integration
> into the existing Samba3 rpc server and client code up to the
> Samba3 maintainers. I do appreciate the extra work though - once I
> integrate this I'll definately be adding your name to the (C) in
> the files you updated.


The parser generator should work for all IDL files, with the following

- - [string] attributes don't work yet, but I'll be adding these shortly
- - [subcontext] attributes, I'll wait a bit for [subcontext] to be replaced
- - DATA_BLOB is not yet supported

If you hit any bugs, please let me know.


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