Samba4 Configure fails with case insensitive file systems.

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Wed Oct 5 22:32:29 GMT 2005

The config.status step has the script that has the line:

   use config qw(%config);

This fails on OpenVMS because the access to the file system by default 
is case insensitive on lookups and Perl has a module "Config" which is 
found first in the default search list.

Adding a "-I." to the Perl command changes the search list so that the 
samba is found first.

Since config.status can be rebuilt with the running of configure, that 
is not the best solution for me.

I do not yet have a Perl on OpenVMS that will function with the process 
set to case sensitive mode.  The build procedure for Perl on VMS is 
creating some of the files and directories in uppercase, so all of that 
needs to be hunted down, in addition to places where Perl modules are 
using $^O to assume things about OpenVMS that are not always true.

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