ambiguous variable syntax in smb.conf

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Wed Nov 30 15:39:32 GMT 2005

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Copying to the list....

Volker Lendecke wrote:

| Did you have some time to think about that? I mean,
| I can perfectly live with a customer-specific
| patch if you don't like it. Just tell me :-)

I'm still thinking.  The hard part is (and I know you
know this already) is not requiring the admin to munge
the %G_osver% string (or any string for that matter.
The variable substitution syntax is just ambiguous.

I would almost be more in favour of implementing a
new, non-ambigous syntax that not clash with the Windows
environment variables and start migrating people
towards that as a long term solution.  Something
like %{username} instead of %U and %{user} instead
of %u.

You patch solves the immediate problem in one way but
is really just a band aid.  No offense.  I would be
more ameniable to keeping your patch but not changing
the current default behavior.

cheers, jerry
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