hide dot files in 3.0.20(a,b)

Ingo Steuwer steuwer at univention.de
Wed Nov 30 12:55:10 GMT 2005


the "hide dot files"-option seems to be broken in the security-releaes 3.0.20a 
and 3.0.20b. Files which are marked hidden with 3.0.20 are not with newer 

testparm seems to be OK, it shows the option only if it is set to "No", not if 
it is absent or set to "Yes".

I believe (haven't tested) this is due to the changes in dosmode.c, in 3.0.20 
"lp_hide_dot_files()" is called after "get_ea_dos_attribute()", in 3.0.20b 
it's vice versa.

Is this a known bug?

Ingo Steuwer

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