SAMBA_4_0: configure warning/error on Solaris 9

Neil Hoggarth neil.hoggarth at
Thu Nov 24 10:40:59 GMT 2005

Hi Folks,

I used an svn checkout to pull a copy of the SAMBA_4_0 branch yesterday 
afternoon. I came to try and build it on Solaris 9 this morning, and got 
the following messages from a plain "./configure.developer":

checking configure summary... yes
LIBS: -lsocket-lnsl
configure: WARNING: the global $LIBS variable contains some libraries!
configure: WARNING: this should not happen, please report to samba-technical at!
configure: error: only _EXT macros from aclocal.m4 should be used!

I'd expect Solaris to need "-lsocket -lnsl" in the link phase of code 
that uses the sockets API, but the Samba build system apparently doesn't 
want them adding in the way that they are currently cropping up ...

I'm using GNU Autoconf 2.59 and GCC 3.3.5.

Neil Hoggarth                                Departmental Computing Manager
<neil.hoggarth at>                   Laboratory of Physiology                  University of Oxford, UK

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