problem changing password

anuradha moturi anuradha.moturi at
Wed Nov 23 06:43:43 GMT 2005

Hi ,

I am trying to migrate from windows NT to samba OpenLdap as per the
instructions given in "The Linux Samba-OpenLDAP Howto". I was successful at
migrating all the accounts from the NT machine to samba and those accounts
are logging in fine in the client machines as well.

*Problem:* *The problem I am facing is that the users are unable to change
their passwords from the windows2000 client machines.*
*The error thats shown when the user trys to change is "You  do not have
permissions to change your password".*

The ACLs that I've got in my slapd.conf are :

access to attrs=userPassword,sambaLMPassword,sambaNTPassword
            by   self write
            by   anonymous  auth
            by  *  none
access to *
           by  *  read

I have also used smbldap-tools to modify the user account to be able to
change his password.

I have changed all the conf files to match with those that are given in the
Howto ofcourse making necessary domain specific changes.

Can anyone please help me solve this problem or suggest me links which might
help me solve it.


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