XP64 Driver Installation Problem WAS: Re: [Samba] 64-bit printdrivers (Windows XP) and samba/cups as a printserver?

Hansjörg Maurer Hansjoerg.Maurer at dlr.de
Mon Nov 21 09:43:46 GMT 2005


I have finally managed to install one 64 bit driver with rpcclient
command on samba 3.0.21-rc1

I put the files to /var/lib/samba/printers/x64
and installed them with
rpcclient  -U Admin -c 'adddriver "Windows x64"

rpcclient -U Admin -c 'enumdrivers 3' localhost
shows the driver

[Windows x64]
Printer Driver Info 3:
        Version: [3]
        Driver Name: [PDFprinter]
        Architecture: [Windows x64]
        Driver Path: [\\\\LOCALHOST\print$\x64\3\pscript5.dll]
        Datafile: [\\\\LOCALHOST\print$\x64\3\PDFprinter.ppd]
        Configfile: [\\\\LOCALHOST\print$\x64\3\ps5ui.dll]
        Helpfile: [\\\\LOCALHOST\print$\x64\3\pscript.hlp]

        Dependentfiles: [\\\\LOCALHOST\print$\x64\3\pscript.ntf]

        Monitorname: []
        Defaultdatatype: [RAW]

 rpcclient -U Admin -c 'setdriver PDFprinter PDFprinter' localhost

works fine to.

But it I want to install a second printer, or this one again, entering
the same command I get:

 rpcclient  -U Admin -c 'adddriver "Windows x64"

I am able to remove the printer with
rpcclient -U Admin -c 'deldriverex PDFprinter "Windows x64"' localhost

and the installation works fine again.

But I am unable to install more then one printers.

If you need some debug information or the 64 bit ps driver files in
order to test it, let me know.



Gerald (Jerry) Carter schrieb:

> Hansjörg Maurer wrote:
> | Hi
> |
> | I am using samba as a windows printserver with cups ,cupsaddsmb and the
> | microsoft postscript driver.
> | Now we have the first XP64 workstation in our network, and they are
> | unable to download the 32 bit
> | PS-Driver.
> |
> | How do I configure samba to serve the 64-bit drivers as well
> Thi s was fixed in 3.0.20b IIRC.  You need to add an 'x64'
> subdirectory to [prnit$] and upload the drivers as usual.
> cheers, jerry


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