What's left for 3.0.21 final release?

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Tue Nov 15 17:52:14 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 15 November 2005 09:49, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> Waiting for feedback.....

Many sites use the NT4 Domain User Manager to manage Samba-3. Given that fact, 
and some minor glitches I have not yet eliminated in my test environments it 
may be wise to alert users of potential issues.

Have you done a fresh (clean-slate) install of 3.0.21 and then tried using NT4 
Domain User Manager with tdbsam and ldapsam backends?

I have observed the following only with NT4 Domain User Manager. Use of the 
'net' command appears to function OK. 

I do not have time to check this out further right now, and can appreciate 
that you may not have the time either. The errors may well be configuration 
errors on my part - I have not had time to pursue this. For all I know, the 
patches over the past week may have already fixed these issues - if they were 
real issues in the first place.

I know how much you dislike defective reports so will not file a bug report 
until I have incontrovertable proof of a problem. The following is intended 
purely in response to your request for feedback.

Last weeks errors:

	1. Managment of user rights

		Open the panel to manage user rights, then just commit without making
		any change. Error message said that removel of the local Administrator
		account is not permitted.

	2. Creation/change of local groups crashes smbd. Deletion of a local group 
		works OK.

	3. Change of global group contents may result in a spurious error message.
		The change actually works fine.

	4. If only some of the Account controls are set in LDAP, an attempt to change
		Account lock-out settings may crash smbd. Each such crash requires a
		reboot of the Windows workstation before NT4 Domain User Manager
		could be used again. The sad thing is that not every attempt to set these
		parameters would crash smbd. I was not able to find a means to consistently
		reproduce the problem.

If you do not have time to delve into this, a note in the WHATSNEW.txt file 
alerting people to a potential issue may be advisable. Perhaps we could say 
something like: "There are reports that of the NT4 Domain User Manager may be 
problematic with 3.0.21 - we want feedback if any difficulties are 

- John T.

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