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Green, Paul Paul.Green at
Fri Nov 11 19:54:09 GMT 2005

Jeremy Allison [mailto:jra at] 
> The reason is this :
> { NTSTATUS fn_foo();  }
> is not seen as a function call, it is seen as a declaration. This
> means that none of the passdb modules get initialized. At all.
> As you can imagine this breaks everything...
> Now, if you replaced this with :
> { NTSTATUS foo_ret = fn_foo(); }
> (when you modify foo_ret for each call so that you don't get duplicate
> declarations) then that should work.
> Jeremy.

Yes.  I confused the initialization and the declaration of the

I apologize profusely and twice.  Once for getting the analysis wrong
and once for getting the testing wrong.  I am embarrassed to return to
the Samba scene only to make such a fool of myself in public.

I'm working up a patch that creates a declaration string independently
of the initialization string.  Programs like lib/iconv.c can then be
changed to say

static_decl_charset;  /* expands to "extern NTSTATUS
charset_CP850_init(); ..." */

At the top, and continue to say

static_init_charset;  /* expands to "{ charset_CP850(); ... } */

When they are ready to invoke the initialization functions.    There are
6 such source programs, and 6 such variables.

I'll post the patch here, and **properly** test it before committing it.


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