Where do I find the source for the ldap schema in Samba4

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Thu Nov 10 07:16:03 GMT 2005


The schema support in Samba4 is currently very primitive. It is one
area that needs a lot of work before being useful. Right now you could
not call it a useful implementation of ldap schemas.

 > a) is it a readonly schema

no, you can update it

 > b) does the Samba4 ldap schema architecture similar to openldap's .schema files

we store the schema in ldif, but simo has written a conversion tool

 > c)  Is the schema stored within the directory in a separate naming
 > context?

it is stored within the directory

 > d) Is the Samba4 schema dynamically updateable?


Cheers, Tridge

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