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william baroniunas wbaroniunas at
Wed Nov 9 16:06:32 GMT 2005

Hello everyone.

I am trying to locate Francesco Ferrara who
contributed a source module called crc32.c.

His copyright statement has me concerned that we do
not have permission to freely distribute his software
under the GPL.

His copyright simply states:

 * Copyright  Francesco Ferrara, 1998  
 * <francesco at> 
 * Used by kind permission, 14th October 1998. 

What does 'used by kind permission' really mean?  I've
been in contact with other legal folks who claim it is
too vague. Whose permission is he referring to??

Is it broken english and he means 'please use freely
with my permission?'  I would hope so but I am looking
for more clarification.

If anyone has any idea how to reach him please let me
know.  I would like to contact him in order to have
him revise his copyright to something more GPL-like.

Thanks and regards,
Bill Baroniunas

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