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Wed Nov 2 22:50:03 GMT 2005

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Hi, Tridge and all.

I worked up a first pass at a Javascript library for doing rich web
applications (or AJAX apps, if you prefer the
goofy-geek-chic-term-of-the-month ;-).  I tied this around work for my
Google web apps tutorial, which had materials due yesterday for a
conference.  For the tute I was trying to do a Google-like Javascript
library (in fact it includes bits from AJAXSLT, which Google released.)  I
think it might work nicely for SWAT development in Samba4.

It still has a ways to go yet -- drag-n-drop support and other "widget"
controls, for example -- but the basic xmlhttp and xslt stuff works well.
Seemed like a good idea to toss it out and get feedback early on.  Anyone
who wants to take a look can see
There's a tarball of what is used above at

The "tests" stuff isn't very sophisticated; they were just hacked out for
me to do cross-browser checks quickly.  But maybe you all can get the idea.

Thoughts?  Do people like this approach for SWAT (as compared to the
heavier built-in widget, toolkit approach)?

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