man file for the recent Samba releases is not updated

Wong Onn Chee ocwong at
Wed Nov 2 17:59:42 GMT 2005

Hi Jerry,

 From the release notes for 3.0.20, following are the updates to the 
smb.conf parameters

    Parameter Name                      Action
    --------------                      ------
    acl check permissions		New
    acl group control			New
    acl map full control		New
    aio read size			New
    aio write size			New
    enable asu support 			New
    inherit owner			New
    ldap filter				Removed
    map to guest			Modified (new value added)
    max stat cache size			New
    min password length			Removed
    printer admin			Deprecated
    username map script			New
    winbind enable local accounts	Removed
    winbindd nss info			New

However, the page at does not 
seem to reflect the above changes.
Hope the above info will help.

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

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>Wong Onn Chee wrote:
>>Hi Jerry,
>>Just FYI, the smb.conf man file at
>> does not
>>seem to have the latest parameters.
>Which ones are missing?  The smb.conf.5.html was generated on
>November 1 so it's the latest in SVN.
>cheers, jerry
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