web server in Samba4

Andrew Tridgell tridge at osdl.org
Tue May 31 00:10:27 GMT 2005


 > I would say my objection to client-side javascript is not in using
 > it, but depending on it.  Write the interface to support enhanced
 > functionality when the web browser has Javascript support, but don't
 > depend on it for the interface to work.

so far the stuff I've done works well with and without javascript, and
it now works without cookies as well (it uses a cookies detection
trick and a get variable to store the session id so session[] still
works without cookies).

 > Also, make sure the interface is usable with text-based browsers like
 > Lynx, since a) that forces you to follow standards and b) it ensures
 > the page is usable with screen readers.

that's considerably harder. The pages I've done so far do technically
work in lynx, but I'd hardly call them 'usable'. 

The layout I've used is based on the layout from samba.org, using the
same css files and adapting the same html structures. I've abstracted
out the forms and menus into server side javascript objects (taking
advantage of the fact that we have js built into the smbd web
server). I think to properly support text browsers we'll just need
some server side code to choose different style sheets and perhaps to
replace some of the html generation objects with ones tuned for text
based browsers.

I'll defer to Deryck on what the correct approach should be. I'm
completely new to css and js, so the stuff I've done so far is really
just meant for me to learn a bit about how this sort of thing
works. Once Deryck starts hacking on the pages I expect he may rip
apart what I've done and redo it :-)

Cheers, Tridge

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