[PATCH] Postgres backend

Fernando Schapachnik fernando at mecon.gov.ar
Mon May 30 17:18:13 GMT 2005


	I work for a government office using Samba 3 to serve more 
than 5K users. When using Postgres as a backend we found a number of 
bugs (serious ones, which totally prevented its use in production).

	We created patches to address them (see bugs 2334 and 2555). 
Recently, we even extended the PG backend to support logon hours (not 
yet submitted).

	We would like them to be incorporated into the main tree and 
were wondering if there was something we could do in order to speed up 
the process (and with some luck, get them in for the next release). If 
some rewriting is required, we are willing to do it.

	Thanks in advance.



PS: does anybody else has such a huge Samba setup? We could provide a 
good success story...

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