web server in Samba4

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Mon May 30 13:10:16 GMT 2005

paul kölle wrote:
> Andrew Tridgell wrote:
>>Support for web administration in Samba4 is starting to take shape, so
>>I thought it might be worthwhile to outline some design decisions here
>>in case anyone has any comments.
> [snipp]
> Just to add my 0.02 cents. The description sound great ;) A good user
> experience is a great plus. I haven't come across a tool capable to
> abstract samba configuration in a "scenario like" fashion; webmin giving
> you param value pairs in a table is not much better than editing
> smb.conf by hand (in fact it's slower). It lacks abstraction. As for
> Javascript: I don't think the security argument is much of a concern.
> Any decent browser can enable javascript on a per site basis. Javascript
> and DOM helps a lot to overcome the stateless, syncronous nature webapps
> suffer from and if the browsers javascript sandbox is broken this is
> simply a bug.

I would say my objection to client-side javascript is not in using
it, but depending on it.  Write the interface to support enhanced
functionality when the web browser has Javascript support, but don't
depend on it for the interface to work.

Also, make sure the interface is usable with text-based browsers like
Lynx, since a) that forces you to follow standards and b) it ensures
the page is usable with screen readers.

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