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Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Sun May 29 23:32:31 GMT 2005


 > I wonder if we could get pidl to generate the ejs bindings (or get
 > swig to generate them ?) 

yes, I was thinking it could be interesting to make pidl generate
bindings for ejs. This would not just be useful for RPC calls, it
could be useful for other parts of the code.

For example, Andrew and I were discussing how ejs could access
authentication structures. If we want the auth structures to remain
opaque to ejs scripts then its easy - we just use a ejs object
containing a C pointer. If however we wanted the internals of the auth
structures to be visible to ejs scripts then we would need functions
to translate between C structures and ejs objects (in both
directions). One way to do this would be to define the auth structures
as IDL then use pidl to generate the mappings.

This would also have the advantage that we would get a nice 'pretty
printer' function for our auth structures, which could be very useful
for debugging.

Andrew, have I made you gag on your breakfast with the above

Cheers, Tridge

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