web server in Samba4

David Boreham david_list at boreham.org
Sun May 29 14:02:31 GMT 2005

Andrew Tridgell wrote:

>  Q) why didn't we use apache or a similar existing web server?
>  A) because I want the web server to be a core part of Samba4 that
>  _every_ Samba4 install can rely on being present. For core features
>  I am very reluctant to rely on external tools. There is also the
>  problem of integration with calls into the smbd C library.  

I think this is going to be a waste of your time.
Nobody will use it because they're already using
existing UI config mechanisms for samba, and will simply carry
on using them. For example I use webmin.

Imagine if every server project did this: users would
need to learn a different UI for each service they administer
(and patch the security holes in each one too).

Writing your own httpd seems to me like the ultimate in
wheel re-inventing. Fine for a grad student that wants
to beef up her resume, but difficult IMHO to justify

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