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Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Sun May 29 13:54:10 GMT 2005

Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> ...
>>  - support for https using gnutls
> Ugh, no, please, use Openssl libraries. My own chosen platform, Red Hat
> RHAS, has no gnutls support and introducing it is just not worth the
> hassle. There has been a thread on the Openldap list, where the Debian
> Sarge maintainers have hacked OL 2.1.30 to support gnutls, people have
> got into real difficulties and the OL maintainers have refused to help
> them. Apart from Sarge, just about all distros using OpenLDAP are using
> Openssl.

FWIW, OpenSSL's license is not GPL-compatible, so you'll need to add
an exception in the Samba license to use OpenSSL (we had to do this
for CUPS).

Also, we will likely make GNU TLS the default SSL/TLS library in CUPS
1.2, i.e. if we detect both GNU TLS and OpenSSL on a system, we will
prefer GNU TLS unless overridden by the appropriate configure option.

There are a variety of technical and legal reasons for this; the short
answer is that the CUPS and ESP Print Pro developers feel GNU TLS is a
better general-purpose solution with fewer maintenance issues than

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