PATCH - Add replacement sys_mkdir

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Sat May 28 19:20:57 GMT 2005

--- Andrew Tridgell <tridge at> wrote:
> This doesn't mean the patch has to be minimum size, it just has to be
> minimally intrusive. So I don't mind if we have to re-arrange the code
> a bit to make the ReactOS patch cleaner, as long as those
> rearrangements make the code cleaner for both posix and non-posix
> systems.

Is there any objection to the last patch I sent that defines mkdir(path,mode) to mkdir(path) in
system/dir.h if HAVE_MKDIR_MODE is not defined? With it and adding system/dir.h to a few other
source files I am now almost able to link smbd for mingw with my rather hackish patch. My hackish
patch is down to 1279 lines so I think we can support a Windows/ReactOS target with little trouble
dirttying the code.

I will send another mkdir replacement patch tonight that is beter than the last one I sent Jelmer
as well as a copy of my current nasty-hack.diff that shows where changes are needed to get samba
to build.


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