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Ingo Steuwer wrote:
> Am Freitag, 27. Mai 2005 19:30 schrieb paul kölle:
>>Ingo Steuwer wrote:
>>>I wouldn't expect that many people will use a somehow site-specific
>>>ldif-output. I can see how you figure out which base-DN you can use and
>>>where to store users, groups and computers. But how do you handle
>>>existing users/groups, how can you specifiy additional options
>>>(objectclasses like posix or kerberos), how can I sort my large database
>>>in several containers? Do you handle merging of existing and new accounts
>>>(which means you'd need to contact ldap)?
>>Why can't you do all that with your own logic using the ldif output? Or
>>do I miss something?
> Sure I can, and I welcome this approach. But in XML 


I should point out that pdb_xml is an experiemental backend.
Jelmer was the author and is the maintainer.  I doubt anyone else
will fix bugs in it.  And since I'm not sure how much it has
been maintainer, accorrding to tridge, "if it hasn't been tested,
it's broken."

I really do think that pdb_xml should be a part of this discussion.

cheers, jerry

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