PATCH - Add replacement sys_mkdir

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Sat May 28 04:46:10 GMT 2005


 > What systems are these ?

It's for ReactOS.

I'm interested in supporting the ReactOS port as it provides us with a
good example of trying to make Samba4 work on a very different
OS. We've put a lot of effort into separating out the posix
dependencies of Samba in Samba4, so it should be possible with fairly
minimal effort to make a working version for non-posix OSes.

The main thing is that any changes we make for ReactOS must not
interfere with the maintainability and readability of the code on
posix systems. So Steven needs to find ways of doing the port such
that it is minimally intrusive. We will have to hold him to pretty
high standards on that, but I think it is possible.

This doesn't mean the patch has to be minimum size, it just has to be
minimally intrusive. So I don't mind if we have to re-arrange the code
a bit to make the ReactOS patch cleaner, as long as those
rearrangements make the code cleaner for both posix and non-posix

Cheers, Tridge

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