svn commit: samba r7025 - in branches/SAMBA_3_0/source: lib tdb

derrell at derrell at
Fri May 27 19:03:35 GMT 2005

derrell at writes:

> I'll implement it as a max of MAX_INTERRUPTS (e.g. #define MAX_INTERRUPTS 10)
> interrupts.  MAX_INTERRUPTS can be manipulated as required.

On second thought, 10 is way too small.  In an application that had a timer
signal occurring once per second, and a satellite link with as much as a 20
second delay, this could error out before the packet even had time to arrive.
I'm going to change it to 100 which should be adequate in all but the most
egregious signal-offensive application, yet small enough that we don't loop
forever if lots of interrupts are occurring.


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