Technical user question

derrell at derrell at
Thu May 26 19:34:28 GMT 2005

Ben Timby <asp at> writes:

> Is it OK if I ask a question on this list? I posted it to the general 
> samba list, and got no replies. My feeling is that it may be beyond the 
> scope of that list and more appropriate here.

If your question pertains to Samba internals or design issues, patches to fix
bugs, technical basis of the implementation, or development of the next
generation of Samba, this is probably the correct forum.

If your question is a "How do I use Samba to do X" then this probably isn't
the correct forum.  The Samba HOWTO Collection would be a good place to look,
or the general samba list.

With that in mind, if you feel that your question fits into the charter of
this forum, ask away, and hopefully someone will be able to help you.


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