reading locking.tdb file

Julien Thomas omnikron at
Thu May 26 13:56:46 GMT 2005

Hi samba-internal,

When reading the locking.tdb file, as smbstatus do,  I can get the 
following informations :
- process pid
- time since locked by pid
- filename

Is there a plateform independant way to get the user uid or name (uid is 
good) from the pid ? I took a look in the samba header files but it 
seams impossible... I would like to find a solution without read the 
procfs cause it's different between solaris and linux.

Do you know an easy issue to convert dos charset format to unix of the 
filename, not using the lib/*.c functions ? It's because the only thing 
I want is to implement a tdb reader as smbstatus is doing. I don't want 
include nor the big samba's "includes.h" nor the complete samba's sources.


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