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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri May 20 19:05:09 GMT 2005

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Dirk.Laurenz at fujitsu-siemens.com wrote:
> Hello everybody!
> after no answer has been send, i've read a little bit around 
> and searched  the docs and found this hints, where i think this
> could be the origin of the problem.
> "It also included a change in behavior of winbindd. Please 
> refer to the man page for smb.conf before implementing
> any update from versions prior to 3.0.8 to a current version."
> The main problem is, i have read both man pages of smb.conf 
> (3.0.9 and 3.0.14a) but none of them spends any word on how
> the behavior of winbind has changed.  From my point of view,
> the tdb files have changed. is that right.
> the samba server is a member of an nt4 domain.

I think the change you are referring to is described in the
release notes for 3.0.8.  The gist is that all domain users and
groups used in smb.conf have to be fully qualified.

cheers, jerry
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