[Samba] Re: fascho spam in German over list address

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Mon May 16 19:37:16 GMT 2005

Hi Stefan,
as i just read
this nazi spam is invoked by a new sober virus variant

i am afraid  this virus will be followed by multiple variants soon
Best Regards

Stefan G. Weichinger schrieb:
> Hey,
> yesterday (on 05/15/2005 at 15:41) you noticed:
> AB> I'm sorry we can't do much more about this, 
> AFAI can see from the headers, samba.org uses Spamassassin.
> There is already a cf-file available to filter this current
> nazi-stuff.
> I use it for a day now and it works well so far.
> No solution for upcoming stuff, I know.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen
Best Regards
Robert Schetterer

Munich / Bavaria / Germany

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