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Robert Becskei brobiwbe at stcable.co.yu
Mon May 16 14:18:56 GMT 2005


 that idea would ROCK if it would COME TRUE... :)

 a forum is easier to moderate...and with a forum like phpBB and mysql you 
can do all sorta stuff...and is
 a lot easier to search for posts...then here no?

 Robert B

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> At 08:36 AM 5/16/2005, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
>> >
>> > What about ... changing this "long standing policy" ???
>> >
>> > (I've already read the reson for the actual policy)
>>If its not spam, then it will be virus that forge headers
>>and claim to come from a list members address.  There is no
>>silver bullet to solve this issue without moderating every
> All
> Has any consideration been made to converting the list to a forum? in that 
> way everyone can just check the web site instead of checking the inbox? 
> For those folk who rather read the mail most forum software can send out 
> email when posts are made.  This would also consolidate the information 
> for new uses for searching, and eliminate the multiple similar answer 
> syndrome that we see on this list when a "obvious" question is asked. 
> Just a thought.
> Kevin Barrett
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