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Hi Alan,

On Thu, May 12, 2005 at 09:32:51PM -0400, Alan DeKok wrote about 'Ethereal & parsers':
>   Looking through the code, I'm not sure I understand the
> IDLEParser::RewriteC function.  The rules are complicated, and I'm not
> able to get it to build the ethereal dissectors, as the parameters to
> a number of functions are wrong, e.g. ndr_pull_security_descriptor().

>   The svn log shows that the goal is to have a different
> implementation.  Are there hints or guidelines?  I'm willing to spend
> the time to get this working, so that the ethereal dissectors are more
> likely to stay in sync with the rest of the code.
I'm currently working on a largely rewritten version of pidl, which
will make things such as the ethereal dissectors easier (and won't
break them as often as in the old pidl if we're changing other parts 
of the code). I'm currently in the process of testing that new
version; it's available in the tmp/pidl2 branch if you're interested.

Tim Potter was going to look at doing the ethereal parsers on top of
"pidl2", so if you're interested in helping out, you should probably
contact him.



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