Subsystem and module link tests for build farm

Tim Potter tpot at
Thu May 12 09:55:08 GMT 2005

I've put together a bit of a patch to have some test executables
automatically generated to test whether subsystems and modules have
their appropriate dependencies expressed in the files.
Whether this is a useful thing to do or not is another matter.

Currently the linktest functionality needs to be explicitly enabled in
the file.  I've only enabled it for the SOCKET subsystem at
the moment as a test.

The only problem with the patch at the moment is that the linktest
targets are built by default (i.e they're part of the 'all' target).  I
didn't have time to figure out how to fix this.  There is a new target,
'linktest', which tries to run all the tests.

So buildfarm people, what do you think?  I've been spending some time
looking at the structure of all the modules (the file is
very useful for this) with a view to finally having a useful smb client

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