mechanisms for client to determine which username a server uid represents

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Tue May 10 15:40:48 GMT 2005

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Steven French wrote:
| My main worry in this is that doing it via an ioctl to
| cifs vfs (although it would be relatively easy) would provoke
| the - "I hate ioctl" comments/flames (I don't much
| like ioctls either) and that doing it via /proc would get
| unwieldy - and that in any case, it might even be better to
| do this in a way that was not specific to one client
| filesystem (cifs) and could allow for nfs, afs, etc.
| but protocol differences (the size of the
| uid_t equivalent on the network differ in the protocols)


Maybe I'm being dense here but please explain to me
how your solution addresses mapping uids ot name when
the owner of the uid has no session vuid?

What volker has proposed in a new rpc pipe (we could
add RAP support as well I suppose) that support
commands for such as translation that has no relationship
to the active CIFS sessions.

But then again I really don't see how the cifs fs provides
information to ls about the name of a uid.  I thought this
was all done in user space via NSS calls.  So what am I
confused on?

Thanks for answering these 2 questions.  Then I can move
onto providing better feedback.

cheers, jerry
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