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Mon May 9 15:34:44 GMT 2005

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Romolo Manfredini wrote:

| Dear Samba people,
| I'm experiencing a weird problem while printing from a
| windows client to a linux machine used as printer spool
| using a Panasonic 2310 driver. I think my setup works
| correctly as changing the driver on the client machine
| (with by example a HP laserjet5 one) makes the printer
| work correctly. Samba version is 3.0.14a build on a SUSE 9.2.
| Panasonic driver version is: dp3xxpen031002.exe europen
| version, please n that the GDI version of the driver
| works without any problem but the PCL one does not.
| The driver is available on the site.

Try setting 'default devmode = yes' in the printer
share.  Also note that some drivers do not work when
using RAW printing.  This is probably due to lack of
testing by driver writers.

Ensure that the driver correctly works from Windows
to Windows when you have unchecked the "enable
advanced printer features' in the printer properties

|   spoolss_io_devmode: Unknown specversion in devicemode [0x0]

This is a false positive since it is just a NULL device mode.
I'll clean up the error messages.

cheers, jerry
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