does samba4 require C99?

Michael B Allen mba2000 at
Sat May 7 08:02:32 GMT 2005

Michael Sweet said:
> A quick check of the vendor compilers for commercial UNIX's shows
> that C99 support has only recently become available for AIX 5 (with
> the XL C/C++ compilers), IRIX 6.5 (with the MIPSpro 7.4 compilers
> and the -c99 option), and Solaris 10.  HP-UX and Tru64 do not appear
> to have a C99 compiler...

HP-UX's aCC compiler has a -AC99 option and Tru64's DECC has a -c99
option. I can't say I read the man pages on those options but I know they
invoke C99  compliance in one form or another.

Note there's a lot of stuff to "C99" that frequently isn't implemented
(even in the latest and greatest GCC) but the most common stuff is
supported by most modern compilers. The impact of requireing "C99" really
depends on what specific features are being used.


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