Mingw port day 2

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at yahoo.com
Fri May 6 17:44:30 GMT 2005

Ok so I am pumped about the port and don't want to stop till I hit a brick wall. (Though I think I
may hit one soon) With the current patch we now fail in linking smbclient. Please disregard the
nastyness of these patches. Part of it is me just hacking away and the other part is ripping the
nice work Elrond for TNG in a very nasty way.

Here are the problems as it stands now in the order of worst to best.

1. Interfaces on Windows need to be detected using iphlpapi.dll. Elrond has some code
for this in TNG but I doubt much of it can be used in Samba4. It could be used for ideas though.

2. Alot of the Signal, FD, and socket code will need to be abstracted for the Windows port.

3. I need to review external libraries Samba4 depends on and see if there are Win32 ports of
APIs that can be used to abstract this code.

4. Minor stuff like functions that differ such as mkdir need to be fixed. Elrond implemented a
function called real_mkdir() in TNG to abstract this so we could do the same. 

5. Constant and structure duplications......As for the headers there are a few solutions. The
internal status values could be renamed or Samba4 could use the w32api package internally for its
constants and structures that need to be shared with Windows. The w32api package is public domain
so its a option.


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