mechanisms for client to determine which username a server uid represents

Steven French sfrench at
Wed May 4 18:13:15 GMT 2005

Any ideas how to determine:
1) the server uid which corresponds to the username (and their primary gid
perhaps) of the smb_uid returned during SMB SessionSetup

2) the username which corresponds to a particular server uid

These would be helpful in doing uid mapping since there are apparently many
reasons why users can not in practice have the client uids match the server
uids returned by Samba server when the Unix extensions are enabled.

One possibility would be to
1) extend sessionsetup to return the server uid which corresponds to the
2) add a trans2 call to the unix extensions for "queryUID" which returns
the fully qualified username (much like what NFSv4 expects to send) for a
server uid, and vice versa
3) have the client query the directory server corresponding to the domain
that the server claims it is configured for, and search for Unix uid
mappings in the directory, and load a uid mapping table with the
      client uid->username->server uid

Other ideas?

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