OT: what's the best Apache smb module?

Matthew Moffitt moffitt.10 at sociology.osu.edu
Tue May 3 12:57:30 GMT 2005

Jason Haar wrote:
> Jason Haar wrote:
>> Err - it doesn't appear to be a package? I mean *.in files?
>> Oh - I also see it's NTLM. Sorry - I was wanting Basic. We have found 
>> (on our Intranet) that NTLM is a PITA even when exclusively using IIS 
>> servers and IE as clients. We're keener on good old Basic-over-HTTPS. 
>> Proxy-friendly too, and easier for users to change auth details if 
>> they want to.

The solution I settled on a few years ago (and has been working quite 
nicely since) is the simple mod_auth_pam module for apache and (on 
FreeBSD) using the pam_smb library to pass the requests on to our AD 
servers.  It's an extra step in the process but also enables you to use 
other authentication later if you wish, such as kerberos and have them 
work together.



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