svn commit: samba r6586 - in branches/SAMBA_3_0/source: lib libads libsmb smbd tests torture

derrell at derrell at
Mon May 2 19:16:12 GMT 2005

Herb Lewis <hlewis at> writes:

> For the real functions the definitions are generated in proto.h
> but you will notice this file does not include any headers. The
> exact error I am getting rid of is when you have strict prototypes
> declared in your flags.

Yup, I understand.  However, are these functions called from elsewhere (some
other file)?  If they are not, then they should be declared "static".  If they
are called from elsewhere, then the callee and the caller (the function
declaration itself, and the user of the function) should be using the same
prototype.  Don't you agree?

Is there some reason that this file could not include any headers?  How about
including proto.h from this file, and then fixing the proto.h generation so
that it generates the headers for this file as well.  (In fact, if this file
isn't including any headers, specifically proto.h, it's possible that the
prototypes are already being generated in proto.h and this file just needs to
include that file to take advantage of them.)



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