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Andrew Tridgell schrieb:
> Brad,
>  > I've been looking over some Samba 4 code as well as some Microsoft 
>  > references Metze provided me with, and I was hoping to get the project 
>  > scope defined somewhat so that I can start focusing research efforts and 
>  > get some initial ideas in place.  So, any ideas about what areas of this 
>  > project should be included this summer?
> Metze can tell you more, but the usual procedure is to first try to
> develop a client side test suite for all of the functionality that is
> needed, then develop the server side code. The test suite should be as
> standalone as possible, so it should join itself to the domain if
> needed, and remove itself afterwards.

I think your project scope is just to write a good test programm, that tests
all the corner cases of the of the protocol, maybe find out the compression w2k3 uses,
and maybe implement it, and a programm that dumps the whole ads forest in to ldif or ldb.

writing server code is not in the project scope.

the DsGetNCChanges() function is the most interesting function on the DRSUAPI interface,
and it does the real replication.

so first you need to simulate a w2k/w2k3 DC domain join.

> I suspect your main point of contact will be Metze, as he has spent so
> much time in this area and has already written a fair bit of test
> code, and worked out a lot of the structures. Please do join in on the
> #samba-technical IRC channel as well though.

Yep, I would like to chat with you about this the next days..

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