net rpc vampire performance

John P Janosik jpjanosi at
Wed Jun 29 21:35:30 GMT 2005

dwwatson at wrote on 06/24/2005 03:13:58:

> Hi John,
> Attached is a patch which I think addresses the segfaults you found.  I 
> re-written the group/account mapping code.
> I'm looking at what to do about the suffix checks.  I want to be 
> sure removing 
> the checks does not have bad effects later.
> Let me know how this patch works.

Don -

I used the patch to migrate a ~5000 user domain into production last night 
in about 5 minutes.  I had to make a few changes:

The sambaLogonScript attribute was not being put into the output file.
My customer had the display name for some users blank on purpose.  The 
patch sets the display name to the user name if display name is blank so I 
changed the patch to only output the displayName attribute when it is not 


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