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Tue Jun 28 16:55:44 GMT 2005

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John H Terpstra wrote:

> Yes. Agreed. But that is not our default! Our default appears 
> to use port 445  and fall back to 139.
> So, should I document the necessity to set "smb ports = 139" 
> for ALL samba  PDC/BDC systems? I just tried this and it works
> so long as this is set in the  top-level smb.conf file. That
> should be documented better in the man page for
> smb.conf and in the rest of the docs. I will do that.


netbios aliases and domain control are different issues.  Samba DC
can happily service ports 139 and 445.  The clients don't care.
Its nmbd that registers the DOMAIN 0x1c and 0x1b records.  This
has nothing to do with what ports smbd binds to.

> Please clarify:
> Are you saying don't use netbios aliases? 
> Are you saying that every netbios alias must have its 
> own IP address?

He's saying that if you want virtual hosts over port 445,
you can do it using a multi-homed server (with each interface
having a different DNS name) and using the %i variable instead
of %L.

cheers, jerry

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