Question on NTLMv2 over SMB

Yimin Chen ymchen at
Tue Jun 28 01:54:37 GMT 2005


I am running into problem when trying to test NTLMv2 pass-through 

I am reading "Implementing CIFS" and according to the section 15.5.7, if 
Domain Controller has "IMCompatibility" set to 0, and I send a LMv2 
response in the CaseInsensitivePassword field in the SMB Session Setup 
Andx Request, the Domain controller should compare the response with LM, 
LMv2, NTLM, NTLMv2 responses and found my response matching with LMv2 
and then grant the access.

However, in my testing, I noticed that if I send LMv2 response to the 
domain controller, the access is denied; if I send LM response to the 
domain controller, the access is allowed. So I am not sure whether there 
is some additional configuration I need to do on the domain controller 
in order for it to accept LMv2 response as well?

Your help is really appreciated!


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