New problems compiling 3.0.20pre2 on Sun Solaris

Richard Bollinger rabollinger at
Mon Jun 27 13:42:28 GMT 2005

Code recently added to include/includes.h to outlaw C++ reserved names
conflicts with a Sun Solaris header file which used two of the reserved
names: "private" and "delete".  Perhaps that entire stanza should be
conditioned on a special "lint" option?

Compiling dynconfig.c
"/usr/include/nss_common.h", line 249: invalid source character: '#'
"/usr/include/nss_common.h", line 249: syntax error before or at:
"/usr/include/nss_common.h", line 249: warning: syntax requires ";" after
last struct/union member
"/usr/include/nss_common.h", line 259: cannot recover from previous errors
cc: acomp failed for dynconfig.c
*** Error code 2
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `dynconfig.o'

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